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The key to meeting your exact window covering needs is working with professionals who are not only experts in window treatments, but are also designers. Here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashions, we work with our Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area clients to find the perfect fit for their home or office. No matter what you’re looking for — classic design, modern, or somewhere in between — we can give you the shades you’re looking for.

Reasons To Buy Shades:

Type of Blinds


Roman Shades are soft folds of fabric that fold up at the top of the window using a sidewinder and chain. If you’re looking for a way to insulate a room that tends to be chilly, lined roman shades are a great alternative to curtains. You can achieve a variety of interior design looks using this window covering, and they can be used in almost any kind of room, for classic Victorian to mid-century modern. Here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashions in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, we can help you choose a fabric and style that fits your vision.


Roller shades are just what they sound like: shades that are designed around a hollow tube, which has rolled fabric around it. You ‘roll’ the shade up or down your window by pulling on the bottom of the shade and a ratchet within the tube at the top of the window locks the shade in place. When you think of shades, you probably image roller shades. They’re a classic look and offer clean, simple lines and are incredibly versatile. They also come in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors giving you plenty of options to fit your taste.


Cellular shades are a very popular window treatment option, and for good reason. They’re attractive, versatile, and can be adjusted from both the top and bottom. You can choose from either single-cell or double-cell, and both options are constructed with the honeycomb-shaped air pockets, or cells, that give the shades their name. These little pockets of air also give you an extra layer of insulation and increases the energy efficiency of your room, saving you money.


Transition shades provides the ultimate privacy and they also block UV rays, which helps protect your furniture and wall hangings from fading. They also give you the best of both worlds, with the effect of blinds when opened and a shade when closed. You can also motorize this window covering to cover hard to reach windows, giving you light control where and when you need it. We’ve been working with these shades for years, so we can easily recommend which type will serve you best. Whether it’s your home office or a large meeting room, we leverage every bit of our experience to honor your vision, budget, and timeline.

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We are proud to offer multiple window dressing options, including shades, and we also have the know-how to make your shades the best investment you’ve ever made. Here at Couvrant in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, we’ve been customizing shades for homes and businesses for years, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our hard-earned experience pay off for the client — and that means you. We’re eager to get started!


Beauty and Practicality

Shades are extremely effective at blocking light and maintaining privacy, which makes them a fantastic option if you want high performance with a low-profile look. These shades are made out of cutting-edge materials and will get the job done without drawing too much attention to themselves. When you collaborate with Couvrant in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, we’ll help you navigate the three main types…

Blinds Vs. Shades

Many of our clients come to us asking what the difference is between shades and blinds.
At the most basic level, blinds are hard, slatted window coverings and shades can be made of different types of materials, often a combination of plastic and cloth. Both achieve the goal of all window treatments — they will cover your window. But they differ greatly in operation, function, and design. Our professionals are more than happy to talk with you about your options.

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