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Whether you think about them often or not, the windows of your home are an essential part of your house’s aesthetic. Dressing them up can do wonders for the room and neatly tie everything together, creating an inviting atmosphere. In spaces such as living rooms, this is the feeling you want to inspire. At Couvrant Interior Window Fashions in Northwest Washington D.C., our team of expert interior designers works with you to create the kind of windows that perfectly bring a room together. Interior windows shutters are a timeless and versatile look that also provides a host of practical benefits. To learn more about interior shutters and window coverings for your home, contact us and speak with a professional interior designer today!

interior window shutters

Why Choose Interior Window Shutters?


Make a Statement

Window shutters are a timeless look that can provide personality to any home. However, shutters aren’t only reserved for the outside of your house. Interior window shutters allow for a unique and personalized style for any room in your home. Interior shutters were popular and necessary for homes in Europe and America in the 18th century, but have endured the test of time and are popular in homes today — just for the architectural style than function. Yet, indoor interior shutters still offer practical applications such as improved privacy, flexible light control, and increased ventilation compared to drapes, for example. Available in many different styles, our expert interior designers work with you to find the perfect shutters for your home and vision, helping bring the space together.

See What We Can Do For You!

Window treatments are our passion and we want to bring that knowledge and expertise to your home to level up its spaces! Our expert interior designers not only work with you to bring your vision to life, but optimize the spaces in your home to provide the practical benefits that come with intelligent window treatments. Contact us today and learn more about what the Couvrant team and interior window shutters can do for you and your home!