Custom Draperies for Your Washington, D.C Home


Sophistication, Style, And Luxury That Drapes Provide.

As experienced designers, we know that the right drapes can make or break a room. They carry a sense of sophistication and are a window covering that can elevate any room. Depending on the material, rod, and finish, drapes can also be a significant investment. Because of this investment and the huge variety of options, many of our Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area clients feel overwhelmed. If you’re wanting to give your room a fresh new look, but don’t know where to start, Couvrant can help.

Things To Consider When Buying Drapes:


Make A Statement

Drapes are a window treatment that is known for being heavy, long, and formal, which makes them a fantastic option when you want to convey luxury while emphasizing the height of your ceilings. The key is finding the right materials and designs. There are also many ways to hang drapes, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than collaborating with our clients to find the perfect design, materials, and arrangement. Whether you want the elegant simplicity of straight, floor-to-ceiling lines or something more elaborate, we’re here to make your vision a reality.

Drapes – Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

In our more than ten years of experience, the Couvrant team has served both residential and commercial clients in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area with distinguished drapes. Our passion for interior design empowers us to integrate your window coverings with the overall aesthetic of your home or business, so…

Finding the Perfect Drape


Drapes have the power to transform your room, but you’ll want to choose the transformation that fits your needs and style. Consider the mood you’re trying to achieve and the color palette that you’re working with. Are you decorating a formal living? A guest bedroom? A kitchen window?

Types of Rod

For a more formal look, you could try floor-length drapes made from a luxurious fabric like silk or velvet. Also, take into account the type of rod you’ll be using to hang the curtains. A decorative curtain rod adds the finishing touch on a classic, high-quality window covering. And in terms of color, you’ll look for a color that blends well into your current decor.


If you’re looking for a practical, hard-working drape, you may want to consider curtains made from a rayon blend or cotton saten. While they may not give you that lux feel of a heavier, traditional drape, they’re a great way to add a bold pop of color or pattern to your room. They work well in kids rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens.


Choosing drapes for a bedroom is a more personal decision than a for a living room, where you will be hosting guests. When choosing bedroom drapes, consider the amount of light the room receives and whether you want that light to filter into the room or block it entirely. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a retreat, and you should choose colors that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Those colors, of course, will be different depending on your style and taste, but the experts here at Couvrant encourage you to try a pared-back pallet for a bedroom.


Lastly, you’ll want to consider where to mountain your drapes in relation to the window. A general rule is making sure that the curtain rod is set above the frame and also extends beyond the window frame. The portions that you choose can dramatically change the look of the window. For example, if you set the rod significantly higher than the window, it will highlight your ceiling height and add drama to the room, while hanging curtains wider than the frame allows extra light to stream into the room, adding energy to the space.

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We’ve dedicated years to window treatments because they have the power to level up spaces while providing practical benefits, including energy savings. By carefully designing a unique drapery solution for your home or business, we seek to add lasting value for you to enjoy over the long term. Tell the Couvrant team what you need, and we’ll customize a design to your budget and timeline.