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The right window coverings can transform a room. The right blinds give you the ability to control privacy, filter or block light, and add a unique decorative touch. Whether you’re choosing window coverings for a single room or your entire house, we can help. Here at Couvrant Interior Window Fashions in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, we have more than a decade of experience customizing and installing custom blinds.

We customize and install blinds to your exact specifications:

Type of Blinds


Wood blinds are a type of Venetian blinds and provide a natural look to a room. The slats on wooden blinds are wider and they can be made from nearly any kind of wood, including hardwoods and bamboo.


Vertical blinds are a classic, clean choice and work especially well for sliding glass doors because they open from side to side.They feature vertical lengths of fabric or plastic that you can tilt for light and privacy control, depending on your needs and time of day. Unlike drapes or shades, they can be opened in two ways — pulled entirely to the side or by turning the slats, giving you total control over the amount of coverage. An extra bonus is that they’re easy to clean because there is no horizontal surface for dust to accumulate on.


When people think of blinds, they’re usually picturing Venetian blinds. These blinds are constructed of horizontal slats, one above another. They are made of metal or plastic, and they’re a hard-wearing choice for a window covering. You can choose Venetian blinds with different width of horizontal slats, but the most common size is 2 inches. The slats are suspended by wide cloth tape or cords, allowing them to rotate to shut out or let in the sun. You can also raise the blind entirely for an unobstructed view.

Window Blinds for Washington, D.C., Virginia, & Maryland

Considering blinds for your home or business? Great news: you just found the industry’s premier design team. No matter your budget, vision, and needs, we’ll easily customize your blinds and deliver results you’ll love. Contact Couvrant in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area — we look forward to diving in with you!


The World of Blinds at Your Fingertips

Blinds are incredibly popular for their affordability and flexibility and come in all materials, colors, and designs. They can be installed on windows, doors, and skylights — there is practically no limit.

Blinds Vs. Shades

Many of our clients come to us asking what the difference is between shades and blinds.
At the most basic level, blinds are hard, slatted window coverings and shades can be made of different types of materials, often a combination of plastic and cloth. Both achieve the goal of all window treatments — they will cover your window. But they differ greatly in operation, function, and design. Our professionals are more than happy to talk with you about your options.

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